Corporate Announcement

Corporate Announcement

Board Recommends Dividend 2015 16 Download

Notice of Book Closure AGM 13.09.2016 Download

Board-Approve-Bonus-Issue - 2016 Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2016 17 Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2017-18Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_05.08.2017Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_24.08.2018Download

Board Recommends Dividend_2018-19 Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_14.09.2019 Download

Board Recommends Dividend_2019-20 Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_05.09.2020 Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2020-21 Download

Proceeding 32nd AGM 20.08.2021Download

Voting Results and Scrutiniser Reoprt 32nd AGM 20.08.2021Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2021-22Download

Proceeding of 33rd AGM 05.08.2022Download

Voting Results and Scrutiniser Reoprt 33rd AGM 05.08.2022Download

Outcome of Board Meeting 08.05.2023Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2022-23Download