Corporate Announcement

Corporate Announcement

Board Recommends Dividend 2015 16 Download

Notice of Book Closure AGM 13.09.2016 Download

Board-Approve-Bonus-Issue - 2016 Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2016 17 Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2017-18Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_05.08.2017Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_24.08.2018Download

Board Recommends Dividend_2018-19 Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_14.09.2019 Download

Board Recommends Dividend_2019-20 Download

Notice of Book Closure_AGM_05.09.2020 Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2020-21 Download

Proceeding 32nd AGM 20.08.2021Download

Voting Results and Scrutiniser Reoprt 32nd AGM 20.08.2021Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2021-22Download

Proceeding of 33rd AGM 05.08.2022Download

Voting Results and Scrutiniser Reoprt 33rd AGM 05.08.2022Download

Outcome of Board Meeting 08.05.2023Download

Board Recommends Dividend 2022-23Download

Proceeding of 34th AGM held on 02.08.2023Download

Outcome Voting Result Scrutiniser Report 34thAGM 02082023Download

Outcome of Board Meeting 10.08.2023Download

Outcome of Board Meeting held on 08.11.2023Download

Outcome of Board Meeting held on 25.01.2024Download

Outcome of Board Meeting held on 26.02.2024Download

Proceeding of EGM held on 23.03.2024Download

Outcome, Voting Results, Scrutinizers Report EGM_23.03.2024Download

Outcome of Board Meeting held on 28.03.2024Download