Why work with us?

If you enjoy working with freedom and are bustling with innovative ideas, we provide the right environment for you to grow in. The work environment at AABL is flexible, supporting, and productive. Our team encourages innovation and ingenuity in work, and is always open to suggestions and new ideas.

Our open door policy encourages open dialogues between employees and their seniors for easy addressal of concerns.

Our employee turnover is less. This is a testimony to employee satisfaction.

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What our people say?

AABL has provided me with the vast knowledge of various processes with complete hands-on experience. Superiors are motivating and co-operative, which helps us in performing with consistency.

– Karan Kamal

Joining AABL has been one of the best decisions of my life! Since joining, I have received many challenging and exciting opportunities. My job allows me the unique opportunity to work with diverse people.

-Raj Lobo

I really like working at AABL. The simple reason to it is ‘the culture of employee empowerment’. Employees are not always told what to do. Instead, we are asked, “What should we be doing?” This gives us motivation and a sense of belonging.

– Pranali Bhosle

Everyone in the organization is an integral part of the team. Flexibility to manage my work hours allows me to have work-life balance. The additional learning concept is good too, and I am glad that besides my core area of working, I am learning new skills and expanding my areas of expertise.

– Dibya Ghose