CSR Initiative

CSR Initiative

Our conscious efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen contribute to the betterment of the society in numerous ways. Our CSR initiatives are an integral part of our corporate belief system and are as important to us as our business.
Some of our undertakings include:

Development and maintenance of a green belt and a bird friendly ecology in and around the plan.

Massive plantations of Jetropha. Its seeds are used for production of eco-friendly bio diesel. This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and helps the environment by way of reduced greenhouse gases and emissions.

Organic manure production, branded SAMRIDDHI. This vermi compost is made from the residue of the treated distillery effluents. Its eco-friendly, user-friendly, and cheaper to use as compared to chemical fertilizers.

Organising farmer meets to promote the art of organic farming for a healthier environment and healthier food.

Distributing spent grains generated while processing grains. This has a great demand in the cattle feed sector as it increases the milk producing capacity in cattle that regularly consume it.