CSR Initiative


Corporate Citizenship

AABL is a good corporate citizen that contributes to the betterment of the society in numerous ways. CSR initiatives are an integral part of our corporate belief systems and we give it as much importance as we do to our business. Some of the initiatives we have undertaken include:

Development and maintenance of a green belt and a bird friendly ecology in and around the plants.

Massive jetropha plantations, the seeds of which can be used to produce eco friendly bio diesel. Producing bio diesel will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and help the environment by way of reduced green house gasses and emissions.

Organic manure production branded SAMRIDDHI. This is vermi compost made from the residue of the treated distillery effluents. This is eco friendly, user friendly and cheaper to use as compared to chemical fertilizers

Organizing farmer meets to promote the art of organic farming for a healthier environment and safer food

Distributing spent grains, generated while processing of grains. This has a great demand in the cattle feed sector as it increases the milk producing capacity in cattle regularly consuming it.

CSR Initiative