Manufacturing Capabilities
The company has nearly two decades of expertise in the manufacturing of fine liquors. It is one of the select few companies to produce extra fine grade triple distilled grain spirit. This is a popular feedstock for manufacture of various domestic and international IMFL brands.


Flexibility to manufacture spirits via both grain and molasses routes
AABL’s dual route capability allows the company to shift from one source of raw material to another to suit availability as well as price trends. This enables the company to be a consistently low cost producer of alcohols.

The new co generation power plant will offer AABL the following advantages.

Expanding capacities
AABL’s distillery is located in Khodigram, in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. It has a present distillation capacity of 42 MLPA. The distillery is presently undergoing a series of transformations that will result in increasing its expanded capacity is 65 MLPA.

Popular in-house Brands
AABL has a strong portfolio of in-house brands that includes consumer favourites such as:

London Bridge gin
James McGill whisky
Red & White whisky
Bombay Special whisky
Jamaican Magic rum

These brands are very popular in the local market and benefit the company by way of higher operating margins and realisations.


Established relationships with industry majors
AABL supplies Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), a vital ingredient, to many leading manufacturers under a special agreement. In the IMFL segment, the company has an understanding with reputed companies like Diageo (owner of brands like Smirnoff vodka and Johnnie Walker Scotch Whisky), Mason & Summers and Diageo-Radico. AABL has for long been recognized as one of the finest suppliers of high quality ENA in the Indian market. Our relationships with leading international and national brands bear ample proof.

Brands contract-manufactured by AABL


Smirnoff Vodka The world’s leading vodka.
Captain Morgan rum The number 3 spirit brand by volume in the US, number 7 worldwide.
HAIG Scotch whisky A fine whisky from tde oldest distilling family in scotland.
Masterstroke whisky The latest brand of liquor company Diageo-Radico.
Glen Drummond single malt scotch whisky First locally bottled single malt premium scotch whisky in India.
Royal Classic whisky A Scotch blended grain-based Indian Made Foreign Liquor.